Everything You Need To Know About Cafe Au Lait

Delicious Coffee With Milk

There are many coffees with milk that you can drink in various cafes. If you want to drink real cafe au lait, you can find everything you need to know about it at read more about cafe au lait.

Cafe au lait was first prepared in France. The French translation is coffee with milk. The original recipe is to pour one cup of espresso with one cup of steamed milk. Thus, a very tasty drink is obtained.

You can make this coffee yourself at home, by pouring hot milk over any high-quality coffee. If you decide to add cold milk, you will no longer have cafe au lait, but white coffee.

Cafe au lait is served in wide white porcelain cups or bowls, so that you can dip the pastry into it. This drink has no foam in it and is ready to drink immediately.

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There are different versions of this drink around the world and each country has a name for cafe au lait.

Also, there are many other types of drinks that contain these same ingredients, i.e. coffee and milk, but they are prepared differently, so it is not cafe au lait. There are big differences in how milk is added to coffee, and whether coffee is added to milk.

What is most important for this coffee is that steamed milk is added. Steamed milk caramelizes the lactose in it and thus the milk becomes sweeter and creamier.

Cafe au lait has many variations in all countries, which depended mainly on the type of coffee people had and other possibilities.

Since milk is being phased out more and more and milk-free drinks are being demanded more and more, it is possible that this coffee with milk will also slowly disappear from the menu. However, there are varieties of plant-based milk, so cafe au lait will evolve and begin to be made with this type of milk.

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