Professional Tree Felling

We Provide Quality Service

To cut a tree, you need to contact professionals who know how to do the job. If you need to cut a tree, one click to  is enough. We will provide you with a complete cutting service, as well as all other services related to trees.

We have been doing these jobs for over 30 years. Our employees are certified arborists, and that’s why we can provide quality service in every job we do.

Logging may seem like a simple job to you. However, it requires a lot of knowledge and experience. In order for the wood to be cut, it is necessary to know exactly where it will be cut, whether it can be cut all at once or in parts, which is influenced by a large number of factors.


If the tree is near buildings, care must be taken not to damage any building, care must be taken not to break various cables. That’s why our arborists, since they know each type of tree, can plan exactly how to do it without damaging the buildings or cables.

This work is also very risky, as it requires climbing trees. We have the necessary equipment for that, which provides us with maximum protection. That’s why injuries don’t happen here. Every job we do, we burn in detail and we always do it very well.

After cutting the tree, it is necessary to remove the trunk, as well as the branches and the stump that remained in the ground. We will do all these jobs, so our service is complete. For tree stumps, we have special machines that can grind them, so that the place where there was a tree will be perfectly clean and leveled, as if there was never a tree there. If you want, you can plant a new tree in that place.

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