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One small part on your trailer wheel is very important to keep your trailer moving normally. That part is a hjullager släpvagn.

The trailer wheel bearing is very important in the system for normal wheel rotation. If it fails, your trailer will be unusable by the side of the road. That is why you need to regularly maintain the bearing or if it has failed, buy a new one.

You can find quality wheel bearings for trailers at hjullager släpvagn. We offer you a large selection of wheel bearings from renowned manufacturers that provide you with the best quality. We offer the largest selection of beds for trailers, regardless of the trailer in question. You can buy from us bearings for caravan trailers, for transport trailers, for boat trailers, for small private trailers and all the others that exist. Bearings are sold with all sealed cartridges, and we can also offer you tapered wheel bearings.

Hjullager Släpvagn

Our recommendation is to check the condition of the bearings at least once a year, and if you use the trailer every day, it is necessary several times a year, so that your trailer is always in roadworthy condition. If you have a boat trailer, it also needs more frequent inspections, as salt water can cause corrosion on the trailer wheel bearing.

Sometimes you may not need the entire bed, but only a part of it. That’s why on hjullager släpvagn in our catalog, you can find the part you need. You only need to type in the bearing type and all the parts used for that bearing will appear. So you will be able to order the right part very quickly.

Our delivery is very fast because we know you need your trailer and want it fixed as soon as possible.

If you need a trailer wheel bearing or part of a bearing, one click on hjullager släpvagn is enough. With us you will find everything you need.